How to Write a Great Resume
By: Jessica Kostek
When looking for a job having an outstanding layout of your resume can, believe it or not, make or break your chances. For reasons unbeknownst to me there are some who slap together a resume 15 minutes before an interview expecting to get the job. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but chances are, you're most definitely not.

A resume should be thought of as a first impression, in some ways like a first date even. You WANT to impress and put your best shoe-shined foot forward. Companies want to see that you spent more than a minute thinking about what to put onto your resume and what you think is important.

On average, employers spend mere seconds looking at an individual resume. Therefore, you need to have yours stand-out! A key factor, keep it to a page for less than ten years and two for more than ten years.

Since some companies, especially now during this economic crisis we're experiencing, are handling hundreds, even thousands of people applying for the same position in the company, so keeping it short and sweet makes it easier on the employer. And in the end, this is what you are aiming for, you want to give them enough information about yourself without taking too much of their time. Remember, short and sweet.

Be organized and relevant! The managerial staff does not need to know that you worked for AT&T Wireless back when it was Cingular when you were in high school. Or that you were captain of the spelunking club back in college. You are marketing yourself for the position of your dreams, or to get just to get a paycheck, either way you applied for a reason, because you want the job-publicize yourself well.

This isn't to say that you should brag but your resume is to tell the employer about your past, your achievements, education, skills and most importantly, what makes you stand-out above the rest.

Information put on your resume should be clear, to the point (you're not writing a novel) and without any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Depending on where you are in your life and career, your resume will look and sound different, so for a person who is just out of college the education section of the resume will probably be longer than say a person who has been in the work force for some time.

Lastly, your resume is obviously the stepping stone to an interview and because your resume HAS caught the eye of someone at ABC company you now need something to talk about. Remember the short and sweet rule? The information that you put in your resume are the points that you're going to expand on in the interview.

Good Luck!

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