Interviewing Better Than Your Competition
By: Stefania Viscusi
As the deteriorating economy has taken a toll on the jobs of many of today's workers, competition to land what very few jobs are out there is tougher than ever. For this reason it is key that job hunters not only perfect their resume, but also ace their job interviews.

The job market has taken a giant hit. In January alone, the job loss rate climbed 7.6 percent as U.S employers cut 598,000 jobs - the worst since December 1974. And all sectors from manufacturing, to professional services, and even the hospitality sector all took the hit.

Getting a job these days is tougher because for every job opening out there, there are more qualified people than ever on the hunt to land the position. With this kind of stiff competition, acing the interview becomes a must.

While an impressive resume with strong credentials and recommendations may have once been the key at landing a job, today, it's gotten much trickier and even if you aren't the most qualified, it's possible to still win out the competition if your interview is a success.

Interviewing better than your competition can guarantee you a spot in the company because you demonstrate for the interviewers that you know about the company and are ready to perform from the moment you walk into the door.

It is important to dress the part, no matter what the job; clean, appropriate attire will make a statement about you. Also, a firm handshake, smiling and making eye contact during the interview all show the interviewer that your are confident, pleasant and honest.

Being prepared is important. It essential to know ahead of time, the kinds of questions you will be asked and to be mentally prepared with solid responses. This is something that can help you get a leg up on your competition and avoid any mistakes or being stressed out when it comes time to face the interviewers.

In order to know how you must frame your responses and to take your interview to the next level, you should know what kind of skills the job requires. For example, if it's a sales position, show them from the minute you walk in the door your personality, persuasiveness and understanding of products you will need to sell. If you are applying for a position in customer service or a call center, you'll want to demonstrate your calm, cordial demeanor and ensure them that you will be able to work under any demand.

By marketing yourself well and showing prospective job interviewers that you will bring a number of benefits to them, you can justify the cost to employ you and guarantee a spot in the position you desire.

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