Yes, You Can Find or Create More Work in Today's Downturn
By: Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D.
Even with the new hope inspired by Obama's election, pragmatic reality is setting in as more and more banks and stores are affected by the recession, and the unemployment rate rises. Most recently, it was up to over 9 percent in California, about 7 percent throughout the country.

However, deep recessions can prove to be a land of opportunity, since many people who can't find work are looking for other ways to make money. Thus, this can be a better time than ever to think about your skills, what people need today, and find a fit between what you offer and these needs.

For example, hundreds of new entrepreneurs went to Obama's inaugural with products with slogans and images of Obama and racked up big sales. And so far the marketing of the Obama brand, as marketers refer to this phenomenon is continuing.

So what might you do to appeal to today's market? Think of start-up possibilities you might launch yourself - or look into direct sales programs you might represent with products or services people might need and want.

Be cautious of scammers though, promising riches through pyramid schemes. Look for companies with solid products or services that people really do want to buy, aside from any money making opportunities. Since so many people are out of work now, this is an especially good time for starting a new business with talented people you can employ at lower than usual starting wages.

In short, if you can't find work for yourself right now, consider creating your own company and work opportunity for others. As Charles Dickens once said - "It was the best of times, it was the worst of was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair." Well, this is all of these things right now, but if you choose, you can make it the best of times, the season of Light, and the spring of hope."

So take some time to ask yourself some questions to decide what you want to do to choose the best, the light, and the hope:

- What kind of skills and talents do I have? List your strongest ones and prioritize by ranking them from 1 (highest) to 5 (lowest) which you would most like to use now?

- What do people especially need now that they aren't getting from other companies or individuals?

- How can I apply my skills and talents to providing products or services to help others fulfill their needs and wants? Do this for each of your top skills and talents first; then go on to the next highly ranked group for still more ideas.

- What steps can I take to develop, promote, and provide these products and services? Create a list of steps to take.

- What do I need to put these steps into action, such as employees, materials, and contacts with other companies or individuals?

- Finally, put these steps into action. Start now by taking the first step.

For more ideas on how to achieve what you want, you can see some chapters from my books Want It, See It, Get It. And to help you have fun doing this, see Enjoy: 101 Little Ways to Add Fun to Your Work Everyday.

Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D. is the author of over 50 books and a seminar and workshop leader, specializing in work relationships and professional and personal development. Her latest books include Want It, See It, Get It and Enjoy! 101 Little Ways to Add Fun to Your Work Everyday, both from AMACOM. Gini’s Websites are: and

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